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Successfully completed: Four of our trainees take off

Successfully completed: Four of our trainees take off

September 05, 2023

Successfully completed: Four of our trainees take off

We are very pleased that four of our dedicated trainees have successfully completed their apprenticeship this year and are now embarking on the next step in their careers.

Vocational training plays a very important role at Destilla GmbH. It is clear to us that a good apprenticeship is the basis for a successful professional life.

Our corporate culture also emphasizes the importance of continuous training and personal development. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer our graduates a solid foundation for their professional future.

During their apprenticeship, our apprentices learned a lot of new things and were able to demonstrate their skills every day.

Lorena and Daniel learned the exciting and versatile profession of distillers. Marie got to know numerous areas in our administration during her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and Jan was able to further develop his technical know-how in our IT department as a prospective IT specialist for system integration.

We warmly congratulate our graduates and are very happy with them. Their personal success also strengthens Destilla GmbH’s commitment to promoting young talents.

We are even more pleased that all of our graduates have found a permanent place in their specialist areas within the company and have already taken on their own areas of responsibility.


Member of “Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V. (VdF)”

Member of “Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V. (VdF)”

August 31, 2023

Member of “Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V. (VdF)”

Destilla GmbH has been a supporting member of the “Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V. (VdF)” since August 2023.

As the central association of all fruit juice/nectar and vegetable juice/nectar producers in Germany, the “VdF” represents the common interests of the companies operating in this industry.

With its strong presence, long history and numerous members, the association has taken on a central role. The “VdF” promotes cooperation and exchange within the industry and represents its interests nationally and internationally.

For us, membership in the “VdF” is a very positive milestone. The joint exchange with a broad network of experts offers the opportunity to actively contribute to the further development of the industry and to participate in important discussions about trends and challenges.

The decision to join the “VdF” underlines Destilla GmbH’s commitment to the highest quality standards and innovation.

We look forward to working closely with other members, benefiting from the association’s resources and jointly contributing to the further development of the German fruit juice industry.

Fruchtsaft Orange
Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e. V. (VdF)

10 years of school partnership

10 years of school partnership

July 31, 2023

10 years of school Partnership

Our school partnership with Realschule Maria Stern in Nördlingen has existed since 2013.

During the last years, we have been able to implement various exciting projects together and thus offer the students valuable experiences.

In a current project, we developed own candy flavours together with five students. The candies were produced in-house at Destilla and were then sold at the school event.

In the end, the whole income from the sale was donated to a charitable organization.

We have also been able to provide support in profession orientation and we presented various professions during our regular school visits.

The school partnership has developed very positively for both sides during the last years. Many former students start their apprenticeship at Destilla after graduating from school or have already been able to complete their apprenticeship and are now valuable employees of Destilla.

We are very pleased that the school partnership has already existed for 10 years, now, and that we were able to celebrate our anniversary, together with the teachers of Realschule Maria Stern in our company building.

We would like to thank director Andreas Kiesl and the entire teaching staff for the long-standing partnership, and we are looking forward to continuing this special partnership in the future.

10 Jahre Schulpartnerschaft Destilla und die Realschule Maria Stern
Bonbonverkauf Destilla und Realschule Maria Stern - Collagenbild

Plants for the future

Plants for the future

May 03, 2023

Plants for the future

Last week, we did it for the third time: All hands on deck and plant trees for the future!

For making a contribution to environment protection that is sustainable and durable, we donate annually one euro per invoice that we sent to plant trees in forests in our administrative district. We work on this project since 2019.

We are happy that this year, we were able to donate EUR 7,800. With this we have supported our project again. Through our project, 1,250 tree seedlings found their new home in the foundation forest of the United Charity Foundations in Nördlingen.

On our day of action for planting trees, eight of our trainees, our CEO Matthias Thienel, Lord Mayor David Wittner and the responsible forest labourer planted the trees. Neither rain, nor cold weather lowered our tree planters’ engagement.

In total, 900 Bornmüller firs, and 350 Nordmann firs were planted on a fenced in area in the forest near the Alten Bürg. These firs show a higher resistance against the consequences of the climate change and therefore have a higher chance of survival.

We want to express our warm “thank you” to the city Nörlingen, the forestry service of Bopfingen and all the other helping hands for the fantastic cooperation. With this project, we can make an important contribution to climate protection and we strengthen our reginal forests in a sustainable way, together with all the helping hands.

Second time gold-status in CSR-rating

Second time gold-status in CSR-rating

June 01, 2023

Second time Gold-status in CSR-rating

Destilla reached gold status in the CSR rating of EcoVadis this year again. This means that we kept our high CSR standards. In 2022, we were honoured with the gold status for the first time.

Since 2017, we follow the strict requests of EcoVadis, because sustainability is very important to us. The companies have to show their social, ecological and economical sustainability standards. For 2023, we reached 72 of 100 points in total. We are one of the top-3 percent of the companies in this rating. We are very happy, especially about the points in the subcategory „ecological sustainability“ because we reached 80 of 100 points. We support environment protection projects and work hard on our emissions reduction to reach the 1.5°-goal of the Paris climate agreement.

Our goal for the next years is to improve our CSR standards. We work hard to create a more social handling with each other and to improve the urgently needed environment- and climate protection. Together, we can make the world a bit better.

Strong voice for SMEs in the flavour industry

Strong voice for SMEs in the flavour industry

December 05, 2022

Strong voice for SMEs in the flavour industry

Strong voice for the medium sized companies in the flavour industry

Destilla’s CEO, Matthias Thienel, was elected to become the deputy of the chairman of the DVAI, the German association of the flavour industry.

During the annual conference of the DVAI in 2022, Matthias Thienel, Destilla’s CEO in Nördlingen, was elected to be the deputy of the chairman. After 14 years, Heiner Schaper decided not to candidate to be part of the leadership team. That is why the leadership team has been formed new.

Matthias Thienel will form the way of the German flavour industry, together with Arjan Stam, Givaudan Deutschland GmbH, and the board of management with its six members. “I am really happy for the election and the members’ trust in myself. Not only the current insecurities, due to the war in Ukraine, but also various other large topics in our industry like regulations and bureaucracy, naturalness, sustainability, and health are challenges, we have to face. Of course, I will face these challenges”, said Matthias Thienel.

With the election gain also the small and medium-sized companies a stronger voice in this industry. From the over 60 company members is the majority small or medium-sized. This majority can also be seen more obvious in the board now. In the future, the topics of the SMEs in this industry can be faced and solved better than before.