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Natural products as far as the palate can taste

As a manufacturer of natural flavours, we at Destilla work exclusively with precious natural products. They are our raw materials – and our motivation, too. Artificial flavours are simply not an option for us.

To make the best possible use of these natural resources, we process them in a particularly gentle manner. Whether it’s fresh regional herbs, exotic fruits from Latin America or noble spices from India – only the best raw materials from sustainable agriculture are good enough for subsequent processing at Destilla. This is our commitment to ensuring the consistently high taste quality of our products – and yours, too.

The most important raw materials for Destilla flavours and essences


Herbal ingredients, including blossoms, fruits and seeds


Fresh fruit, such as pears, apples and pomegranates


Herbs and spices, from pepper to cinnamon


Fresh herbs, such as chives and parsley


Mushrooms, including porcini and shiitake


Nuts and dried fruits, such as hazelnuts and cashews


Wood and bark, such as oak and quassia

Handpicked from apple to cinnamon


tons of mate from cooperative farming in Brazil


tons of celery from contract cultivation in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg


tons of elderberries from Southern Europe


tons of cinnamon from suppliers in Southeast Asia

Analytics and selection

Success is in the details. Which is why consistent quality control is so very important to us at Destilla.

Raw material selection

For our pure essences and compositions, we only use hand-picked raw materials of the finest quality.

Raw material preparation

Before being used, all our raw materials are selected, washed and precisely weighed.

Quality control

A broad range of full analyses guarantee product quality across the entire production process.

Retention samples

Just how serious are we about our commitment to quality? It´s demonstrated by our archive of thousands of product samples wich ensure the precise traceability of every batch.

So you know where it comes from

Unadulterated taste to the very best of our knowledge: At Destilla, that’s the focus we tirelessly work towards. From the purchasing and production of goods all the way to their delivery ‒ we continuously monitor and document each and every step.


We choose our suppliers based on their trustworthiness and traceability ‒ not their prices.


Whether it’s from farmers next door or in the world’s most remote locations ‒ we pay a great deal of attention to the origin and regional sourcing of our raw materials.


Just how serious are we about our commitment to quality? It’s demonstrated by our archive of thousands of product samples which ensure the precise traceability of every batch.


By aiming to use water, electricity and gas in as sparing a manner as possible, we’re continuously shrinking our ecological footprint ‒ even as we increase production.


Here’s where we get down to business: cutting-edge production processes and innovative developments for pure enjoyment.