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Yearning for yum?

Destilla’s high-quality flavours for sweets and bakery products are taste sensations – made with you in mind. From classic fruit gummies and creamy candies to rounded-off baking mixes: When developing new flavour compositions, we always take into account consumer behavior and current lifestyle trends.

So you don’t just bring more natural flavour into your products – you add a heaping spoonful of uniqueness.

Irresistable Variations


Hard caramels and toffees


Fruit jellies and fruit gummies


Snack bars and chocolate


Pudding powders


Ready-made dough


Baking flavours and mixes

Quality in safe hands

Destilla guarantees top quality thanks to its in-house analytics and adherence to strict guidelines.


We're getting the best out of it for you

Discover the Destilla secret behind our high-grade
natural compositions and pure essences.

Your direct connection to great taste

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