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Foerderung der Rieser Musikschule
March 10, 2022

Sponsorship to local music school

Music heals body and soul – we are convinced of this and are pleased about the new offer in Nördlingen.

There are currently only three music schools in Bavaria, which provide music therapy. In Regensburg and Passau, these therapies have existed for 20 years and recently Elisabeth Vogel has also started offering music therapy at the local music school in Nördlingen.

Especially during the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine-conflict, teenagers need “protected space where you can let yourself go”, explains the trained music therapist. In the colourful music room, you can find different extraordinary-looking instruments that are needed for music therapy. Mrs Vogel explains how the instruments work and the effects they have on children and teenagers. “The instruments are simply great”, the music therapist sums up happily.

Unfortunately, these instruments are extremely expensive because only a few of them are produced. We are glad to support the music therapy with 1,500 € for a table drum. Through further donations from regional companies, crowd-funding and private donors, the music therapy can start with good equipment and help people to find new happiness.