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February 16, 2022

Living the Cittaslow idea

Gelebter Cittaslow Gedanke

Sustainability, environment and resource conservation are central elements of our corporate culture. High-quality products and excellent taste are also deeply anchored in our identity. All characteristics that also define the Cittaslow idea. For this reason, we were honoured by our Cittaslow city of Nördlingen as a supporter of this movement.

“Being a Cittaslow is a constant process,” emphasised mayor David Wittner during the small ceremony. “Together with our local businesses, we are committed to the highest possible quality of life for the citizens, our local companies and our guests through measures and actions.”

Content and concepts for regional environmental protection, the promotion of the local and regional character of the city and the protection and strengthening of local culture and tradition are just as much the focus as a lived and authentic hospitality. “We are extremely pleased to have so many committed partners here from the citizenry and businesses.”

We are very pleased to receive the award on behalf of numerous other companies in Nördlingen. At the same time, we see this recognition as a challenge for the future to become even better.