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November 15, 2021

First Destilla honey harvested

Erster Destilla Honig geerntet

Successful start of our bee project with a local beekeeping family. For the first time we were able to taste our own Destilla honey. Our bees collected 55 kilograms from six colonies on our premises. The honey convinces with an intensive lime blossom note and its golden yellow colour.

Unfortunately, the weather in the summer of 2021 was not particularly good. Cool temperatures and above-average wet weather led to a very low yield, which hit the entire beekeeping industry.

Nevertheless, we are already looking forward to the coming year. With two additional bee colonies, our beekeepers expect a much better harvest. With our flowering meadow on the premises as well as insect-friendly plants, we try to offer the bees a food-rich home and set an example for biodiversity.