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April 08, 2022

Donations for Ukraine

We have already been able to carry out two fundraising campaigns at Destilla for Ukraine. Thanks to the active support of our staff, we were able to invest more than €1,000 in urgently needed hygiene articles, such as bandages and disinfectant spray, as well as drinking water, in a first campaign which was transported to Ukraine by our logistics partner.

In a second campaign, we collected urgently needed donations in cooperation with the Ukrainian Association Augsburg (UVA). Today we were able to hand them over for sorting in Augsburg and further transport to the crisis region. The chairwoman of the UVA, Olena Yaremko, expressed her heartfelt thanks for the generous materials from the ranks of the Destilla staff.

In the future, we will continue to jointly look for further possibilities of support and maintain the aid for Ukraine. We stand side by side with our Ukrainian friends and partners and hope for a quick calming of the situation.

Destilla Mitarbeiter spenden für die Ukraine