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June 16, 2021

Bee project starts

Our staff continues to grow. We are pleased to welcome six bee colonies to our Plant II and are very excited about the reinforcement. Our extensive premises and the adjacent fields provide the little animals with rich food and a new home, after they have previously been busy producing rapeseed honey.

But the idea behind our project goes much further – we want to draw attention to the bee as an important pollinator. Without them, things would look bleak for us, because the bee contributes significantly to the preservation of biodiversity. Unfortunately, the number of bee colonies in Europe has decreased by over 25% during the last 50 years.

Destilla wants to play at least a small part in raising awareness and rethinking our actions so that we can continue to enjoy our biodiversity for many years to come. In a few months we will also be able to taste our own Destilla honey.

Bienenprojekt startet