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August 02, 2021

A journey through Japan

In our sample series, we have made it our mission in 2021 to invite you on a taste trip around the globe – look forward to a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun in our second destination.

The island in the northwest Pacific has done it to us: Japan offers, in addition to beautiful landscapes and mountain worlds, huge, modern cities and a variety of significant, cultural features. The country stands for pure life with strict structures as well as futuristic purity and combines tradition and modernity like hardly any other.

Because we at Destilla are always looking for new challenges, we dared to try something new. In our Asia series, therefore, there is traditional sake, an alcoholic drink brewed from polished rice, as well as fruity fancy candies with the super fruit acerola to discover. With three varieties each, there is something for all tastes, true to the motto: Time for your next taste sensation.

Interested in this series? Then contact us at sales@destilla.com! Our team is looking forward to your inquiry.

Eine Reise durch Japan