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July 31, 2023

10 years of school Partnership

Our school partnership with Realschule Maria Stern in Nördlingen has existed since 2013.

During the last years, we have been able to implement various exciting projects together and thus offer the students valuable experiences.

In a current project, we developed own candy flavours together with five students. The candies were produced in-house at Destilla and were then sold at the school event.

In the end, the whole income from the sale was donated to a charitable organization.

We have also been able to provide support in profession orientation and we presented various professions during our regular school visits.

The school partnership has developed very positively for both sides during the last years. Many former students start their apprenticeship at Destilla after graduating from school or have already been able to complete their apprenticeship and are now valuable employees of Destilla.

We are very pleased that the school partnership has already existed for 10 years, now, and that we were able to celebrate our anniversary, together with the teachers of Realschule Maria Stern in our company building.

We would like to thank director Andreas Kiesl and the entire teaching staff for the long-standing partnership, and we are looking forward to continuing this special partnership in the future.

10 Jahre Schulpartnerschaft Destilla und die Realschule Maria Stern
Bonbonverkauf Destilla und Realschule Maria Stern - Collagenbild