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August 31, 2023

Member of “Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V. (VdF)”

Destilla GmbH has been a supporting member of the “Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V. (VdF)” since August 2023.

As the central association of all fruit juice/nectar and vegetable juice/nectar producers in Germany, the “VdF” represents the common interests of the companies operating in this industry.

With its strong presence, long history and numerous members, the association has taken on a central role. The “VdF” promotes cooperation and exchange within the industry and represents its interests nationally and internationally.

For us, membership in the “VdF” is a very positive milestone. The joint exchange with a broad network of experts offers the opportunity to actively contribute to the further development of the industry and to participate in important discussions about trends and challenges.

The decision to join the “VdF” underlines Destilla GmbH’s commitment to the highest quality standards and innovation.

We look forward to working closely with other members, benefiting from the association’s resources and jointly contributing to the further development of the German fruit juice industry.

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Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e. V. (VdF)